Welcome to the North Tyneside Art Trail

The Pandemic has physically separated people and closed many of the cultural and artistic opportunities that would have been open to them.  As lockdown eases and Summer gets into full swing, we want people to explore the wealth of art and creativity that North Tyneside has to offer.

To this end, we are announcing our first North Tyneside Art Trail – a borough wide collection of fantastic public artworks and exhibitions by artists living in the area.  This trail is named ‘Reconnect’ as we want people to take this opportunity to rediscover the people and places that they may have missed, or never realised they were there before the Pandemic.

To claim your trail medal, visit all 12 of our highlighted key sites:
1. The Drillheads ☐ 2. The Killingworth Engine ☐ 3. Jigsaw ☐ 4. Imago (The Moth Gate) ☐ 5. Art of Connection ☐ 6. The Centurion ☐ 7. Connecting with Steam ☐ 8. The Lightning Clock ☐ 9. Tyne Anew ☐ 10. Fishscape (Sea Life) ☐ 11. Reconnect North Tyneside ☐ 12. Sandcastles ☐

Complete the Trail and collect your medal

As you visit each stop on the trail, you can tick off the 12 key sites we have highlighted on the printable map (available at local libraries or download to print your own here). Bring your completed map to North Tyneside Art Studio between 9:30am and 3:30pm Monday-Friday to recieve a hand made, limited edition completion medal.

Reconnect everyone #NTAT21

We are inviting everyone across North Tyneside to get involved in the art trail by creating their own artworks to display in their windows at home.  We would love to see your art, so please take a photo and upload it to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #NTAT21.

What makes you feel connected to the people and places of North Tyneside?  What are you excited to be able to visit again?  How does the reopening make you feel?   However you want to express the connections you have made or missed over the past year, we would love to see them!

Painting or poetry, realistic or abstract, we are inviting you to express your feelings about the connections you have made or missed over the past year and share them with us.

Artworks can be any size or medium and we want to encourage everyone, no matter your age or experience, to have a go and enjoy the process of being creative and exploring the amazing art that North Tyneside has to offer.