If you live in North Tyneside, you can be referred to access the studio by getting in touch with your GP, Community Mental Health Team, or other mental health professional and asking them to fill out our online referral form on this website. Once we receive your completed referral, you are invited to book a short induction session, which is followed by our New Starter Programme. We encourage all new members to take part in this 4 week course where you can try a range of different artforms and build your confidence in attending the studio, and getting to know our community.

If you don’t live in North Tyneside

If you live outside of North Tyneside, but are interested in joining an art studio for your mental health, you can contact Chilli Studios (for Newcastle), Arts 4 Wellbeing (South Tyneside) or Artrium (Hartlepool).

If you are a Carer

We know that being Carer can be a difficult experience that can place pressure on you emotionally as well as physically. Many carers do not consider themselves to have mental health issues, but can really benefit from being able to use art to improve how they feel, which in turn will help them to continue to support the people they love. We saw the real impact that art can have for carers in our recent By Your Side project and you can see some of the work these carers created below.

If you are a carer and you feel that you feel that spending time being creative could help to improve your health or help you better support others, please get in touch with your GP to discuss how being a carer is impacting your life and talk to them about whether NTAS could be the right fit for you.