Art for Mental Health in North Tyneside

North Tyneside Art Studio is the only specialist art for mental health service in North Tyneside, with over 30 years experience in the field.  Based in a dedicated studio space in North Shields, we provide a safe, supportive environment where people can discover how creativity can support their mental health and personal recovery.  Our community has a wide range of ages, backgrounds and diagnoses, but their common experiences of living with mental health issues help to build the tools and social connections that empower people to achieve long term change.

Our work would not be possible without the generosity and support of our funders and members of the public. A new donation system will be live soon to help simplify making a one-off, or regular donation that can help to transform the lives of people experiencing mental health issues.

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A referral to NTAS provides 12 months of access to a unique programme designed to develop art as a life long, independent tool to support personal recovery.  This programme is based on building purpose and progression, with three distinct development stages.

Over the weeks my confidence grew
so I was able to take my first steps back
into the outside world after almost
a year in the house!

– NTAS Member

Engage (approximately 0-3 months)
Workshops and dedicated support specially designed to help our members gain creative confidence, recognise their achievements and build resilience within a friendly, social setting.

Enable (approximately 4-12 months)
Personal, creative exploration and specialist workshops develop an understanding of how art promotes emotional regulation and builds the skills they need to use art to independently support their mental health.

Empower (12 months+)
Unlike many arts for mental health programmes, people’s time with NTAS does not end with their referral period.  After 12 months, people can join our Empower community, to help them sustain and maintain their mental health as part of their ongoing personal recovery.