Our Staff

Paul Hillier – Chief Executive Officer

Paul guides the overall strategy for the studio, creating partnerships with other organisations, finding funding and working closely with the board of Trustees to ensure the studio continues to help people.

Michael Cunliffe – Artistic Coordinator

Michael arranges the programme of creative activities and develops the overall artistic strategy for the studio.  He can also help you with different art techniques, give you advice about your work and find materials for you to use.

Sam Burgess – Arts for Mental Health Worker

Sam focuses on supporting members to engage with using art to improve their mental health, supporting their journey into the studio, and helping them to become a part of our community.

Russ Coleman – Studio Technician

Russ provides day to day support for the studio, maintaining material stocks, recycling our clays and stretching canvases as well as helping you with your work.

Stacey McGeorge – Administration Officer

Stacey works to make sure that we are able to keep helping people to improve their mental health through art.  She ensures that our records are accurate, and that our members are kept up to date with the latest news from the studio.

Our Trustees

Ann-Marie Crozier – Chair

Ann-Marie provides leadership to the Studio’s Board of Trustees, ensures that we are managed effectively and that our business is conducted smoothly.

Joanne Willits – Vice Chair

Joanne undertakes the duties of the Board Chair when they are not available.

Sam White – Treasurer

Sam provides general financial oversight to the studio, monitoring and safeguarding our budgets, fundraising, planning and book keeping.

Mel Normanton – Board Member

Sally Walker – Board Member

Janet Robson – Board Member

Annette Chevallier – Board Member

Sharon Taylor – Board Member

Victoria Dunn – Board Member

North Tyneside Art Studio is a registered charity no. 1059103 and a company limited by guarantee No.326699.