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Being in the studio

In order to keep everyone safe while you are in the studio, there are strict rules that you will need to adhere to, as well as some changes to the layout and facilities of the studio that you need to be aware of.

New studio rules

  1. You must not attend the studio if you have, or have been in contact with someone who has COVID-19.  If you have any symptoms of Coronavirus (high temperature, persistent cough, or loss of taste/smell), have been in contact with someone who has had these symptoms, or have been notified that you have been in contact with someone who has tested positive (by NHS test and trace for example) then you MUST NOT attend the studio for at least 14 days.
  2. Face coverings must be worn at all times within the studio.  They must cover both the mouth and nose.  If you find that you are feeling claustrophobic or need a break from wearing your mask, then you must leave the studio before removing it.
  3. Social distancing must be maintained.  Whenever possible you must remain 2m away from members who are not in your household.  Distance and one-way route markings will be placed around the studio to help with this.  Only one person can work at each workspace.
  4. Hands must be washed/sanitised regularly.  Sinks will be set up for hand washing, and sanitiser will be available.  You must ensure you clean your hands with the hand sanitiser provided when you first arrive at the studio, after handling materials, and before leaving the studio.
  5. Materials and tools must not be shared during a session.  Whenever possible, we recommend that you bring your own tools (pencils, brushes, etc.) and you should clean them between uses.  If you use studio tools these must not be shared between members during a session, and must be left on your worktable to be cleaned when the session ends.
  6. All spaces must be cleared of work and rubbish by the end of the session.  You are responsible for putting away or taking home all of your work, and clearing any rubbish.  Anything left of the table will be sanitised or disposed of after the session ends.

Changes to facilities

Food and Drink

The microwave, kettle and hot water boiler have been removed from the studio.  You must not eat or share food in the studio.  Drinks must be brought in sealed containers e.g. a water bottle or flask and must not be shared between members.  Social ‘tea breaks’ should be taken outside of the studio, while maintaining appropriate distance.

Quiet Space and Offices

Both the quiet space, and staff offices are small, enclosed spaces where social distancing cannot take place.  As a result, these spaces will not be in use except as storage spaces and staff will be working out in the open studio spaces.  This means that there will not be a closed door ‘confidential’ space available where you can speak with staff.  If you need to speak with staff privately, please let them know and we will arrange for a telephone conversation at an appropriate time.

Material use

We are unable to recycle/reuse materials that have been handled by members and can’t be disinfected.  This means that any excess clay, sheets of paper, or canvas that you have picked up during your session will need to be disposed of.  It is therefore even more important that you act responsibly and only take the materials that you need to use.  We are asking that in particular, you only work on small ceramic pieces.


Computers will not be available for general use during this period.  If you need access to a computer to support your artwork please speak to a member of staff.  

Access to the Linskill Centre

Please note that due to the one-way system in place within the Linskill Centre, you will need to walk round to the front of the centre and enter through the main doors.  The black doors by the nursery cannot be used as an entrance.


We have provided cleaning products within the toilet cubicle. Please ensure you wipe down any necessary surfaces such as door handles etc before you leave. Further toilets are available in the Linskill Centre by obtaining a key from reception.